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Mobile Medical (X-ray, Blood Donor, General Health, Audiometric, Ophthalmic)

Our innovative approach to design makes our Mobile Medical trailers easy to set-up and take-down. Our up time reliability is among the best in the industry. If service problems do occur, repairs are able to be made quickly by our trained field service providers.

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Mobile Medical Screening Unit 4x4 (Reception, Lab, Bathroom, Blood Draw, patient lift)

Small Self-Propelled Health Screening Clinic

(Six Chair Blood Donor) Interior

(Blood Donor) Exterior -

(Blood Donor) Interior - Three Chair Blood Clinic

Three-Chair(Blood Donor) Exterior -

Three Chair (Blood Donor) Clinics Interior

(Six-Chair Blood Donor) Exterior -

(Blood Donor) Interior - Prince Sultan Six- Chair Clinic

(Blood Donor) Exterior - Prince Sultan 6 Chair Donor

(Blood Donor) Older Blood Donor Clinics

(Health Screening) Interior - Columbia Medical Clinic

(Health Screening) Exterior - Columbia Medical Clinic

(Health Screening) Interior- Hackensack Surgical

(Health Screening) Exterior - Hackensack Surgical

(Health Screening) Interior - Maine VA Clinic

(Health Screening) Exterior - Maine VA Clinic

(Health Screening) Interior - DMS Digirad

(Health Screening) Exterior - DMS Digirad

(Health Screening) Interior - Crown Clinics Lowa

(Health Screening) Exterior - Crown Clinics Lowa

(Health Screening) Interior - Gila River Health Care

(Health Screaning) Exterior - Gila River Health Care

(Health Screening) Interior - Maracaibo

(Health Screening) Exterior - Maracaibo

(Health Screening) Interior - Caracas

(Health Screening) Exterior - Caracas

(Health Screening) Interior -Primary Health Trailer

(Dental, X-ray, Audiometric, Lab Screening) - A..D.N.O.C (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company)

(Health Screening) Exterior - Primary Health Trailer

(Health Screening) Interior - Hearing Test Trailer

(Health Screening) Exterior - Hearing (audiometric)Test Trailer

(Health Screening) Interior - PFT EBT Trailer

(Health Screening) Exterior - PFT EBT Trailer

(Health Screening) Interior - Malaysia

(Muti-Phasic Health Screening) JAZAN UNIVERSITY (x-ray, laboratory, exam room)

(Health Screening) Exterior - Malaysia

(Health Screening) Interior - Eye Theater Morocco

(Health Screening) Exterior - Eye Theater Morocco

(Health Screening) Interior - SEHA (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company)

(Health Screening) Exterior - SEHA (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company)

(X-Ray) Interior - Morocco X-ray

(X-Ray) Exterior - Morocco X-ray

(X-Ray) Interior - Houston Area Safety Council

(X-Ray) Exterior - Houston Area Safety Council

(X-Ray) Venezuelan XRay Units

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Innovative Mobile Medical Designs

Vehicles that are easy-to-operate, meet local codes, and last for years to come