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Summary of 2016
World’s first mobile mCT PET/CT unit delivered to Mid Michigan Health.

In conjunction with Siemens Medical Solutions, Medical Coaches helped design, engineer and manufacturer the world’s first mobile Biograph mCT unit with FlowMotion™ technology, which eliminates the need for step-and- shoot imaging in PET·CT. With it, planning and scanning are based on continuous PET data acquisition with a single continuous motion of the patient table. And, the system combines the anatomic detail of a premium CT with the precise metabolic information of PET to help improve therapy planning and support more efficient and cost effective PET·CT imaging. Unlike other PET·CT technology, FlowMotion enables a continuous scan process, which can improve image quality by reducing artifacts associated with patient movement from unexpected table motion or movement. Before FlowMotion, hospitals followed a standard workflow, which was a CT scan at an outside facility; then scheduling patients for a fixed PET·CT. Afterwards, radiologists would fuse the two images with their radiation treatment planning system.


Mobile stroke unit unveiled is the first of its kind.

  • March 21, 2016 MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Medical Coaches Incorporated (www.medcoach.com) Tri- Star https://tri-star.ca/ and Siemens Healthcare (http://usa.healthcare.siemens.com/ ) worked to create the first of its kind, in the world, Mobile Stroke Unit. A vehicle expected to save lives.
  • The 15-ton unit is capable of conducting and producing advanced quality imaging for stroke diagnosis and noninvasive CT-angiography with a Siemens SOMATOM Scope CT scanner. This is the first time CT capabilities of this magnitude have been available in a mobile setting, creating the ability to diagnose and launch treatment within the critical first hour time frame.