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Summary of 2013
Mobile X-Ray Clinic Built for the Royal Palace in Morocco to help serve the king and some dignitaries in the Country of Morocco and the capital of Rabat. This unit was built on a Ford F550 chassis and has a full x-ray suite on-board. The x-ray suite is fully leaded for proper protection.


Five custom mobile clinics built for the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC) in Pasadena, Texas meant to train and screen employees in the petroleum industry. The units included one 21 foot x-ray clinic, two 31’ towed audiometric and health screening and two 53’ semi-trailers with health screening and computer testing facilities.


Two Mobile Mammography Trailers Built for the Brazilian Government to serve over 1000-plus miles of territory throughout the country of Brazil. This unit has two mobile mammography suites on board, two restrooms, two dressing areas and a reception desk with waiting seats. It has saved the lives of countless women throughout the country with early detection.