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CTI Molecular Imaging, Inc.(Nasdaq: CTMI) and Medical Coaches, Inc., a privately held firm based in Oneonta, NY, announced today they have completed the manufacture and sale of the industry’s first ever mobile PET/CT unit, which utilizes CTI’s REVEAL ® RT PET/CT scanner.

Summary of 2000-2010

  • Introduction of the first-of-it’s-kind, mobile ready, PET/CT, semi-trailer. This mobile scanner is a major health care advance that allows medical specialists to see both the structure and molecular activity of various diseases and health disorders.
  • June 2007 Medical Coaches introduces the first ever mobile ready High Definition mobile PET/CT trailer with Siemens TruePoint technology thus allowing a much sharper P.E.T image and allowing clinicians to get a more accurate diagnosis.
  • Introduction of the mobile High-Definition Television Trailer for various sporting events such as the 2008 Olympics in Beijng.
  • Introduction of the world’s only Mobile Linear Accelerator trailer at the Society of Nuclear Medicine in Philadelphia, PA in June of 2004, The Linear Accelerator system is a reliable, low-cost solution to the growing need for positron emitting isotopes and tracers, particularly for the fluorine-18 used to produce FDG.
  • Due to the increase of homeland security in the United States, Medical Coaches partnered up with Smiths Heimann to buildmobile Baggage Screening Vans to be used at various ports of entry and airports.
  • September 2008, in partnership with Xoft Inc., introduced the world’s first mobile brachytherapy mobile van, called the Axxent Xpress, which delivers non-radioactive, X-ray-based radiation treatment directly to cancer sites with minimal exposure to surrounding healthy tissue