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Medical Coaches Awarded Contract by State of Colorado to Manufacture Mobile Opioid Clinics

July 5th, 2019

Medical Coaches (www.medcoach.com), a leading manufacturer of mobile medical clinics, has been selected to produce six mobile health units, specializing in medication assisted treatment (MAT), in Colorado as part of the State’s Opioid Response (SOR) Grant. Colorado  was recently awarded the multi-year $30 million SOR grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to combat the State’s opioid epidemic. One of the primary objectives of the SOR grant is to address the opioid crisis by increasing patient access to FDA-approved opioid reversal medication. The goal is to provide needed treatment for those with opioid dependency and reduce the growing number of opioid overdose deaths.

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McKesson Corporation requests a Mobile GE Discovery MI DR PET/CT and Siemens Horizon PET/CT


McKesson Corporation (MCK), located in San Francisco, has requested both a Mobile GE Discovery PET/CT and Siemens Horizon PET/CT. The McKesson Corporation concentrates on pharmaceuticals, medical care and biopharma science which it will be able to provide with these mobile medical units. Medical Coaches (www.medcoach.com ) has designed, manufactured and delivered hundreds of mobile PET and PET/CT units since the early ‘1990s.

Siemens biograph Horizon PET/CT Trailer to be delivered to Mercy Medical Center in Dubuque, Iowa


Earlier this year, Mercy Medical requested medical coaches to produce a Horizon PET/CT Trailer with the latest Siemens technology. This specific unit was built with a hot lab installed at request of Mercy Medical. The hot lab will be used to deliver, store and prepare radiopharmaceuticals that may be too dangerous to handle in an unprotected environment. Medical Coaches (www.medcoach.com ) has great pride in its ability to meet customer demands and to always deliver to any consumer request.

Medical Coaches Inc. receives big order from Shared Imaging, Illinois  


As of early August, Medical Coaches has received an order from Shared Imaging requesting a total of three (3) Siemens Horizon PET/CT Mobile Medical Units to be delivered to their headquarters in Illinois. Medical Coaches (www.medcoach.com ) will install the latest Siemens x-ray equipment which will allow Shared Imaging to transport their medical services to customers who are unable to travel to a medical center. With this advanced equipment, Shared Imaging will be able to identify and remove malignant tumors and bodily obstructions.

PET/CT Mobile Medical Unit delivered to Texas Oncology in Austin, Texas


After its approval of late last year, Medical Coaches Inc. (www.medcoach.com ) has completed a GE PET/CT Discovery MI DR Medical Unit for Texas Oncology. With the installation of the most up to date and advanced technology, Texas Oncology will be able to scan for tumors and other internal complications. Texas Oncology plans to maintain communication with Medical Coaches in order to purchase additional PET/CT medical units in the future.

Two-Chair Mobile Dental Clinic delivered to Tioga County Public Health Center in Owego, NY


Medical Coaches (www.medcoach.com ) has delivered a dental unit to neighboring town, Owego, in upstate New York. This mobile dental unit will serve as an addition to the county’s Public Health Center where it will provide locals with proper dental care. Each mobile dental trailer comes equipped with two on-board dental suites, equipped with x-ray, reception area and a small laboratory.

Medical Coaches finalizes deal on medical unit set to be delivered to Rincon, Puerto Rico


Oneonta, NY January 12, 2018- Medical Coaches Inc. recently delivered a Mobile Healthcare Unit to Rincon, Puerto Rico. The health screening coach will be operating out of the Rincon Health Center and will be providing locals with a quality medical experience. This specific unit comes customized by request with an examination room, laboratory area, reception area, bathroom, and x-ray. With the addition of Medical Coaches (www.medcoach.com ) specialty ceramic roofing, the reflective material should prevent overheating in the warmer Puerto Rican seasons.

Medical Coaches approved to begin producing mobile units with GE technology.


As of late 2017, General Electric has granted Medical Coaches Inc. (www.medcoach.com ) permission to configure and install GE technology. By providing the proper documentation, drawings and ensuring all healthcare specifications, Medical Coaches will now be able to manufacture both the Discovery IQ PET/CT–3 and the Ring & Discovery IQ PET/CT–4 Ring Domestic USA based mobile trailers.


Medical Coaches successfully completes certification process for new Siemens Horizon Mobile PET/CT Unit. 

Oneonta, NY 1-20-17: Medical Coaches now the only certified vendor to manufacture to sell the new Siemens Horizon Mobile PET/CT unit.


Bookmobile Delivered to Four County Library System

Oneonta, NY  1/20/17: New bookmobile to travel the regional area.


World's first Biograph mCT mobile PET/CT Trailer Released for Sale

Oneonta, New York, 1/7/2015. Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer, Medical Coaches Inc. (est.1949), www.medcoach.com, is currently the only certified manufacturer in the world, certified to manufacturer and sell the Siemens Biograph mCT PET/CT system on a mobile.



Oneonta, New York, 6/18/2014. Specialty Vehicle Manufacturer, Medical Coaches Inc. (est.1949), www.medcoach.com, recently delivered four (4) unique, one-of-a-kind x-ray, drug screening, audiometric screening, and health exam trailers to the Houston Area Safety Council (HASC; www.hasc.com)
located in Pasadena, Texas. HASC is the largest non-profit safety council in the world and is an innovator in their field. They specialize in background,


Unique Approach to Mobile Health Care for Rural Iowa.

Oneonta, NY (PRWEB) August 23, 2013,  Medical Coaches Inc. (est. 1949), a specialty vehicle manufacturer (www.medcoach.com ), recently delivered a one-of-a-kind health screening semi-trailer for Crown Clinics (www.crownclinicsmobile.com ) in Northwest Iowa. The order was placed by Sue Brugman who is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner to help improve the accessibility of healthcare for the people in Northwest Iowa.


Mobile Rapid Response Custom Surgical Trailer Delivered to Hackensack University Medical Center

Oneonta, NY August 30th, 2012, In order to properly prepare and equip our Nation to contend with terrorist threats or natural catastrophes, we must be able to respond effectively on the local, State and Federal levels.

The Federal Government identified an immediate need for the development of a mobile response unit that has a rapidly deployable medical capacity and is fully outfitted to deliver high-level, on-site medical treatment and surgery in one self-contained trailer.


First, Fully Operational, Mobile Siemens SOMOTOM® Definition AS 64-Slice CT Delivered

Oneonta, NY (PRWEB) May 3rd, 2012- Medical Coaches Inc (est. 1949), a specialty vehicle manufacturer,  (www.medcoach.com ), recently delivered the first-of-its-kind for the United States, Siemens SOMOTOM® Definition AS 64-Slice CT mobile trailer to United Imaging Services, LLC for mobile operation in the Virginia region.  (READ MORE)

Twin 40’ Mobile Dental Suites Delivered to Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital

May 1st, 2012 – Medical Coaches Inc. (www.medcoach.com ) Two fully operational, 40’ mobile dental trailers, were recently delivered to the Gila River Indian Reservation (www.GRHC.org ) in Sacaton, AZ. Specifically the Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital. Each mobile dental trailer comes equipped with two on-board dental suites, equipped with x-ray, bathroom, reception area and a small laboratory. (READ MORE)