Mobile Vehicles

Mobile Mammography and Women's Health Care


What you want from your Women's Health Mobile Clinic is what you want for your patients - a long, happy, healthy life. And just as good health contributes to looking and feeling good, so it is with a Medical Coaches Mobile Clinic. High quality, durable construction, professional appearance; all supported by a team dedicate to providing your Women's Healthcare program with a reassuring presence in the communities you serve.

Medical coaches has designed Women's Healthcare Coaches for use world-wide, reaching out to some of the most rural and underserved areas as well as inner city healthcare programs, after all, geographic location should not limit the ability of your program to meet the needs of your patients and the communities you serve.

Medical Coaches provides custom vehicles and coaches to accommodate Analog and Digital Mammography, Bone Densitometry, Ultrasound, Gynecological and Obstetrical Examinations, Women's and Children's Health Screening or any combination of the services your program provides.

We specialize in conversion of Analog to Digital Mammography and can provide solutions for any equipment manufacturer, Hologic, Siemens, GEHC, Fuji and Kodak CR. We constantly work with vendors as they develop new products to ensure we are ready to meet the needs of your program's future.
Our design team and customer service professionals have clinical backgrounds to help optimize workflow, enhance service delivery and minimize equipment downtime.

If your need is for a Self-propelled Coach, Larger Towable Clinic, or a customized Extreme Service Vehicle, Medical Coaches has the tools to help design the right Mobile Coach for your program.


Mobile Digital Mammography

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