Mobile Vehicles

Medcoach Custom Built Mobile Advantage


A representative sample of some of our custom mobile units include:

Although Medical Coaches has concentrated on mobile medical units, we have also built many, many unique and different types of units. Most are one-of-a-kind for specific purposes.

Due to our broad experience, depth of engineering, and production talent, we are very comfortable taking on new and difficult challenges.

We are very adept at drawing from the information and experience of our customer and applying this to mobile unit designs. The majority of our custom design units started as a conceptual design (sometimes even on a napkin!) and became a mobile unit with millions of dollars worth of equipment on board.

When approaching new mobile challenges, we take a very pragmatic and structured approach to the order. Design meetings with our customers allow us to draw out the basic and important areas that need to be considered. A number of ground breaking mobile concepts came out of these meetings.

Since we can build mobile units of all shapes and sizes and we have the capability to provide engineering solutions to sophisticated and difficult problems, we have been the manufacturer of choice in many competitive evaluations.

If you have a product, concept or idea that requires the use of a mobile unit, try Medical Coaches ...You won't be disappointed!