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Rapid Response Custom Surgical Trailer Delivered

  Exterior View of Custom Surgical Trailer with 7' Slide Out.  

  Interior view of the Custom Surgical Suite  

Scrub Sink and Clean Towel Storage Area

Surgical Table



Mobile Rapid Response Custom Surgical Trailer

In order to properly prepare and equip our Nation to contend with terrorist threats or natural catastrophes, we must be able to respond effectively on the local, State and Federal levels.

The Federal Government identified an immediate need for the development of a mobile response unit that has a rapidly deployable medical capacity and is fully outfitted to deliver high-level, on-site medical treatment and surgery in one self-contained trailer.

Medical Coaches Inc., in conjunction with Cipher Systems, LLC, and Hackensack University Medical Center, partnered to develop, design, and manufacture a Mobile Surgical Suite (MSS) that is one part of a Mobile Rapid Response Prototype (MRRP) by adding robust surgical capability to an already developed Emergency Mobile Trauma Unit (EMTU).

The manufactured design allows the EMTU and MSS to be interlocked forming a larger Mobile Medical Response Theater complete with trauma and surgical capabilities.  Treatment of less- serious mass casualty victims and those requiring surgical intervention can now be addressed onsite.

The highly complex MSS has large expandable side sections that are 30’ long and 7’ wide to accommodate the extensive hardware and operating theater.  The coach is fully certified to fixed-site hospital operating room standards.  Ultimately this project will help to save lives and treat victims onsite, reducing the need for ambulance transport.

Finally, mass casualties can be treated onsite with modern medical care facilities.   Lives will be saved!