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Twin Mobile Dental Trailers Delivered

  Curbside View of the new Gila River Dental, 2-Chair Clinic with an expandable wall. Coach One of Two  

  Exam Room View with complete Dental Room and X-ray  


Fully Equipped Dental Laboratory



Bathroom Equiped with Toilet and Small Sink



Reception Room and Patient Meeting Area




Twin 40’ Mobile Dental Suites Delivered to Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital

Two fully operational, 40’ mobile dental trailers, were recently delivered to the Gila River Indian Reservation ( ) in Sacaton, AZ. Specifically the Hu Hu Kam Memorial Hospital. Each mobile dental trailer comes equipped with two on board dental suites, equipped with x-ray, bathroom, reception area and a small laboratory.
The mobile trailers will be used to serve the entire Gila River Indian Reservation and will travel roughly 383 miles to the various health centers around the indian nation. The goal is to provide the community members with modern dental screening and education thus eliminating the need to travel long distances for check ups.
Medical Coaches has used an all-aluminum body construction to reduce weight and eliminate rust. This is significantly more durable and easier to maneuver than the normal over the road trailer designs. The rooftop has also been coated with a special ceramic paint that will help to reflect up to 99% of the radiant heat it comes in contact with and make it easier control the interior temperature in the hot Arizona sun.
Medical Coaches Inc. (est. 1949) is a privately held, highly specialized manufacturer of custom mobile units Certified to ISO 9001 standards.  They have delivered thousands of mobile units to 110 countries and all 50 States, specializing in MRI, PET/CT, CT, Mammography, Dental, Television, Health Screening, etc.  We are certified to work with all major manufacturers (Siemens, General Electric, and Philips). 
For more information about Medical Coaches’ products and services visit their website,; call 607/432-1333, Ext. 125; or email