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Mobile Vehicles

Medical Coaches has always treated the purchase of a special-purpose mobile unit as if we were forming a partnership with our customer. Prior to telling you what we think you need, we ask our customers through detailed interviews and questionnaires exactly what they want.

We work together to make sure our products meet program, equipment, geographic, and budgetary needs.

What Type of Vehicle Meets Your Needs?

3d illustration of an MRI machine

Our innovative approach to design makes our MRI trailers easy to set-up and take-down. Our up time reliability is among the best in the industry.

100% up time is always our goal. We make sure our trailers can be serviced in the field quickly and efficiently allowing scanning to continue.

Nurse Monitoring Patient Having A Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) Scan Sitting Down Looking At Screen

Our mobile CTs are both self-propelled & semi-trailer designs. We focus on shock and vibration reduction & lead lining for regulatory approval.

Nurse or technician, 50s, standing next to mammography scanner.

Our Women's Healthcare Coaches are in use world-wide, reaching out to rural & underserved areas as well as inner city healthcare programs.


Due to our broad experience, depth of engineering, and production talent, we are very comfortable taking on new and difficult challenges.


Medical Coaches has continually improved our mobile dental clinics based on our own engineering and manufacturing research and development along with the recommendations of our many customers.

Our unique experience means our mobile units are easy to operate; convenient to service in foreign countries and rural areas; can function in hot or cold climates; and can be driven on highways or unimproved roads.

An unrecognizable man wearing a department of homeland security vest.

We have been building Mobile Homeland Security units since the early 1960s. We distribute and supply mobile unit product categories to more than 110 countries and all 50 States.

Proven Experience & Unique Engineering

Medical Coaches has combined our nearly one-half century of mobile unit engineering learning experiences into one of the most extensive historical reference databases in our industry.

With over 68 years of total mobile engineering experience, our engineering staff utilizes a mix of good old engineering "horse sense" with modern, innovative techniques in all their projects.

Innovative Mobile Medical Designs

Vehicles that are easy-to-operate, meet local codes, and last for years to come